The Route - Updated 2023!

The route takes you across London from the south to the north, east a little bit and on to the west. All 26 locations on the Monopoly board are covered, with just the electric company and water works not being visited (although your water works will be tested by the amount of drinks). It is advisable to get a travelcard or Oyster card to help you get around as not all pubs are within walking distance. The route spans zones 1-2. For those of you visiting London for the first time it can be a very daunting place so a small A-Z or mobile phone map app will come in handy for navigation.

Please note that this site was created before COVID and is slowly being updated. If you have suggestions for the website or route updates for pub closures please Contact Us

Starting Off

We start on Old Kent Road, The Lord Nelson. The nearest tube station is Elephant and Castle. From here take a short bus ride south along Old Kent Road towards The Lord Nelson.

Old Kent Road

Lord Nelson

The Lord Nelson opens at 1100 on Saturday to accomodate Monopoly crawlers. Try to visit a nearby cafe or grab some quick food once they open to set you up for the day.

This pub is welcoming to Monopoly crawlers and is the meeting point for many groups.

You are now on the route. Have fun and enjoy the day. Take the opportunity to get to know the other parties crawling on the day as you may be seeing them again a bit later or maybe join groups for a super crawl.

ALTERNATIVE START: The George, Tower Bridge Road.

Alphabet suggestion: P. Peroni

Take the 78 bus from Old Kent Road over Tower Bridge. Alight at the stop on Mansell Street and continue walking towards Aldgate. The Hoop & Grapes is on the left as you get to the High St.

Fenchurch Street Station

Windsor Fenchurch

The Windsor Fenchurch is located right next to Fenchurch Street Station.

This is the second pub on the list, no time to hang around here. This pub opens at 1100 on Saturday long before other nearby pubs. Crawlers who are on their game will not want to hang around for opening times so this pub was chosen. Apparently a timber-framed building that survived the great fire of London!

Alphabet suggestion: B. Brandy

Come out of the station onto Fenchurch St and head right to Aldgate High St/Whitechapel High St towards Aldgate East station. Jump on the tube for one stop to Whitechapel and then turn left along Whitechapel road. It's a short walk away.

Whitechapel Road

The White Hart Brew pub (not to be confused with The White Hart at Whitechapel High St)

Situated a short walk from Whitechapel station, this is easy to find.

This is a charming pub with large windows and a very light feel. Check out the board games available for a quick play while you are here.

ALTERNATIVE PUB: The infamous Blind Beggar which is opposite.

Alphabet suggestion: L. L'Artista

Return to Whitechapel station and travel back past Aldgate East to Liverpool Street station. Hamilton Hall is at the Bishopsgate entrance to the station.

Liverpool Street Station

Hamilton Hall

A very busy pub on hot days as the station brings a lot of customers.

Sit out on the tables by the station entrance in the sunshine while planning your next move or sit inside and admire the lovely high cieling and architechture. This is a great place for late starters to join your group.

Alphabet suggestion: T. Tequila

There are two ways to make this journey. You can either walk through to Moorgate and take the Northern line to Angel or catch a bus from the back of the station. They can both take about the same amount of time but do be aware of any closures on the underground that may affect this route.

The Angel, Islington

The Junction

In the heart of Islington, this pub can get very busy by the time crawlers arrive here.

Recently refurbished independant pub that has brunch offers and extensive drink menu. Do you have time for a nice cold pint of cider or will you just hit the shots and be on your way?

Alphabet suggestion: Z. Zacapa 23 yr

From The Angel head to the main intersection and turn right into Pentonville Road. The Castle is a couple of hundred metres up on the right.

Pentonville Road

The Castle

Beautifully trendy pub with a roof terrace for the sunseekers.

Try one of their selection of real ales or take your pick from the outstanding wine list. Always a wonderful vibe at The Castle.

Alphabet suggestion: Y. Yakima red

Cross the road outside The Castle and catch a bus going to Kings Cross. Alight just after the station to find the O'Neill's on the left.

Kings Cross Station


All you can expect from an O'Neill's!

Good selection of drinks to choose from here as well as bar food, TVs and even live bands!

ALTERNATIVE PUB: Purists can head to The Parcel Yard inside the station.

Alphabet suggestion: E. Early Times Fire Eater

Continue along the Euston Road until you get to the Rocket on the right hand side of the road.

Euston Road

The Rocket

One of the busiest pubs on Euston Road.

There is no doubt what draws the crowds here: the variety of cocktails, wines, beers and hot drinks matched with the lovely decor and an outside seating area are topped off by pool tables! What is there not to enjoy about The Rocket?

Alphabet suggestion: J. Jack Daniel's & Coke

Continue further down the Euston Road until you pass Baker Street/Gloucester Place. Marylebone station is just off the main road to the north on Great Central Street.

Marylebone Station

Victoria & Albert

A little gem tucked away in the station.

What appears to be a small bar opens out with a separate lounge once explored. For anyone feeling the strain of the day so far there are fast food outlets also in the station to provide sustainance.

Alphabet suggestion: M. Morgan's Spiced & Coke

Head out of the station and get either a number 2 bus towards Norwood or jump in a taxi. Get off at the Hilton hotel and walk down Old Park Lane towards Picadilly. The Rose & Crown is on the left.

Park Lane

Rose & Crown

The location draws in a big international crowd.

No time to have a stroll through the beautiful parks nearby, you're only on pub number 10.

Alphabet suggestion: G. Grey Goose & Red Bull

Head back up to Park Lane and turn right onto Hertford Street then through Shepherd Market to get to Ye Grapes. Alternatively you can wander down Picadilly and turn left into White Horse Street and you will see Ye Grapes ahead of you.


Ye Grapes

Insert text here. More pub info etc etc.

A lovely dark atmospheric pub in the heart of Shepherd Market. Built in 1882 this traditional Victorian pub has kept all the character from its past. High ceilings, cosy drinking corners, wood panelled walls and some interesting antique stuffed animals.

Alphabet suggestion: D. Drambuie

Head back down White Horse Street and turn left on to Picadilly. Henry's is opposite the park entrance on the left.


Henry's Cafe Bar

Located in a busy area, this large pub offers a diverse menu -- from club sandwiches, to flat breads, to burgers, to salads, to more typical pub fare.

Be careful going to the toilets, they are down a very steep set of stairs!

Alphabet suggestion: C. Campari & Lemonade

Continue along Picadiily and take a right into St James's Street. Down the bottom end you will find Crown Passage running parallel between King Street and Pall Mall.

Pall Mall

The Red Lion

Tucked away down Crown Passage this pub is reputed to be the second oldest pub in London

What a delightfully charming place this is. Great, friendly bar staff, who have previously let us pull our own pints, add to the beauty of this place. Well worth doing the crawl for this one alone.

Alphabet suggestion: R. Red Stag

Cut through to The Mall and head away from Buckingham Palace. You should find Spring Gardens at the Charing Cross end which takes you straight to the rear entrance of the pub.


Horse & Guardsman

Spacious pub in a building which used to be a bank.

It can get rather busy in here but is a great place to regroup as it's a fairly large pub and you will probably come across other crawlers here too.

Alphabet suggestion: K. Kraken & Coke

Diagonally across Whitehall to the right is Great Scotland Yard. Follow it to the end and you will emerge on Northumberland Avenue opposite the Sherlock Holmes.

Northumberland Avenue

Sherlock Holmes

Another busy, atmospheric pub.

If you can wade through the crowds outside on a sunny day then head to the bar and get some cherry beer. A great selection of drinks in here and a great crowd. There is a restaurant upstairs but there's no time for that....

Alphabet suggestion: V. Vodka & Orange juice

It's a fair walk to the next pub so would advise hopping on a bus if you can. You should be able to take a number 11, 15 or 23 from The Strand, round Aldwych all the way up to Fleet Street. The next pub is close to the McDonald's near Ludgate Circus.

Fleet Street

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

A unique pub and as historic as the name suggests.

With plenty of little rooms and nooks it is quite easy to lose yourself in this pub that dates back to 1667. One of only two pubs in central London which still have elements of pre-Victorian decor.

Alphabet suggestion: H. Highland Single Malt

Head back down the Strand the way you came and you will find The George on the left just by St Clement Danes Church.

The Strand

The George

A nice little gastropub originally established as a coffee house in 1723.

Due to it's location it is quite a popular pre-show pub so make sure you get here early to avoid the theatre-going crowds.

Alphabet suggestion: I. Ilkley Ruby Jane

Continue along the Strand and turn right by Waterloo Bridge up Wellington Street to find the Marquess of Anglesey on the right.

Bow Street

Marquess Of Anglesey

Billed as a 'Traditional pub' this little gem lies on the edge of Covent Garden and all the hustle and bustle that goes with it.

Join the crowds outside or squeeze in to the bar to try one of the many cask ales on offer.

Alphabet suggestion: S. Sambuca

Head back towards The Strand and take Tavistock Street on the right. Continue down the road opposite, Maiden Lane, and follow it towards Trafalgar Square turning right into William IV Street. The Chandos is on the corner of St Martin's Lane

Trafalgar Square

The Chandos

Reasonably priced drinks here and usually very busy.

Upstairs is much calmer and an escape from the heaving crowds downstairs.

Alphabet suggestion: X. XO Brandy

You should be able to see the entrance to Leicester Square as you turn up Charing Cross Road. Keep to the right in the square and you'll see The Moon Under Water.

Leicester Square

The Moon Under Water

Yet another Wetherspoons pub on the route to keep you supplied with swift service and a busy pub.

It may be about time on the route to try a cocktail if you are brave enough.

Alphabet suggestion: Q. Q-ba Libra ;-)

Exit Leicester Square at the south-west corner and follow Panton Street past the McDonalds to the Tom Cribb.

Coventry Street

Tom Cribb

While there are closer pubs to Coventry Stereet, we have had issues getting in with large groups so the Tom Cribb is our choice for this property.

A small and welcoming pub that reminds you of your local right in the middle of the west end. A good selection of real ales to savour and not as crowded as the more obvious bars.

Alphabet suggestion: A. Archers & Lemonade

Navigate the crowds filtering away from Picadilly Circus and either cut through the back roads or walk along Regent Street. The Warwick is at the junction of Warwick Street and Glasshouse Street.

Regent Street

The Glassblower

Another pub tucked away down a side street, The Glassblower can be seen from Regent Street looking down Glasshouse Street.

A lavishly decorated pub over two floors in a busy part of town, the streets outside are often full of people enjoying the lovely London weather! Be sure to wave to the people across the road as you will be joining them next....

Alphabet suggestion: F. French Martini

Come outside, cross road, go inside.

Vine Street

Leicester Arms

This is an inoffensive, tourist trap pub set just off the main road. As Vine Street no longer exists this is the pub nearest it's old location.

Take it in folks, three more pubs to go!

Alphabet suggestion: J. Jagerbomb

From here you can wander up Warwick Street, right on to Beak Street then Left into Kingly Street.

Marlborough Street

The Clachan

A Victorian pub with wooden central bar and carved ceiling

This pub avoids the crowds in Carnaby Street but can still be busy. Great atmosphere here but you still have a few pubs to go so remember to move on!

ALTERNATIVE PUBS: If it's too busy there is also The Shakespeare's Head and O'Neill's in Carnaby Street.

Alphabet suggestion: N. Nicholson Gin

Make your way back out to Regent Street and aim northwards. Take the left at Princes Street and follow this all the way down past Hanover Square and you will find The Duke of York around the corner next to the Loop bar/club.

Bond Street

Duke of York

The penultimate pub on our list, the Duke of York is a good pub that has good service and is a bit of a surprise for this part of London.

Be sure to keep it together now as you have nearly finished the crawl.

Alphabet suggestion: O. Olmeca

Cross New Bond Street into Woodstock Street

Oxford Street

Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle is a lovely pub to finish on. A Welcoming and friendly Victorian pub with chandeliers and leather seats, the perfect way to end a crawl in style.

Stay here and celebrate or go home victorious. You have now completed the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl

Alphabet suggestion: U. Unknown - get the bar staff to pour you a random unknown drink of their choice!

So you have finished the crawl, what now? Well you could head back to the Loop which is open until the early hours or you can visit one of the many London clubs that cater for late night partying. Or you could have a well deserved kebab and go home. Whatever you do, make sure you travel safely if you are not familiar with London. Be aware of last train times if that is how you are travelling and allow enough time to stagger to the station.